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“You’d be amazed how much government you never miss.” ~ Mitch Daniels

TO BOTH Republicans and Democrats, let me ask you this — exactly WHO GETS HURT IF THE GOVERNMENT IS SHUT DOWN?

What happens to the United States when the lights go out?

What happens to the United States when the lights go out?

I’ve lived through five government shutdowns. There were three shutdowns during Ronald Reagan’s presidency and two government shutdowns while Bill Clinton was president. And, if I hadn’t read about the events in the newspaper, I literally would have had no reason to be aware the shutdowns were going on.

My husband’s memory of the impact of those government shutdowns is the same as mine. He ‘heard that it was happening’, BUT, nothing in his life changed.

Just in case my husband and I are dunces who wouldn’t notice if an atomic bomb hit Goshen, so long as ‘our own house was left standing’, I decided to interview others.

SURELY, if government shutdowns were the huge catastrophes the media is leading us to believe they are — people would remember the horrors.

Here are the results of my survey…

“I remember something being said on the news about a shutdown,” said 80-year-old Ann, “but during that time my husband and I were looking for a vacation home in Arizona. We were pretty busy.”

“I heard about the government being shut down,” said 80-something-year-old Al, “but it didn’t change my life in any way.”

A family member that has lived in Washington D.C. for several years said, “Once or twice a year D.C. gets clobbered with a winter storm. When that happens, the government issues an order for all ‘non-essential’ people to go home and the city empties out. The government is shut down — sometimes for a week at a time. And no one notices. I have always marveled at that migration and wondered: If these are ‘non-essential people’, then what are we paying them for?”

Which brings me back to the crux of the problem. Which is what Mitch Daniels said, ““You’d be amazed how much government you never miss.”” This especially becomes evident when 50% of government workers (described by the Obama administration as ‘nonessential’) can be furloughed and NOTHING changes for the majority of the country.

Republicans: you’ve been given a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME chance to match policy with your BOLD RHETORIC. The House of Representatives is where spending originates. House Republicans HAVE BEEN HANDED control to delay, defund or repeal Obamacare in concert with SERIOUS SHRINKAGE of the size of the federal government. Assuming what’s likely true, that President Obama and the Senate won’t go along with GOP plans, a Republican House in control of spending will get to starve Obama’s signature legislation, and then with a government shutdown that decidedly does not mean a shutdown of the federal government (Social Security checks will go out, the military will be funded through IOUs, the IRS will for good or bad remain functional), a happy realization gets forced upon the citizenry, that life goes on RATHER SWIMMINGLY without the Leviathan running on all cylinders.

To quote Dale Carnegie: “The person who goes the farthest is the one who is WILLING TO DO AND DARE. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.”

I’m going to be blunt, if the Republicans aren’t willing to do everything in their power to defund, delay, or repeal Obamacare — INCLUDING SHUTTING DOWN THE GOVERNMENT — voting Republican means no more than being a Bears’ fan instead of a Colts’ fan. You are voting for a ‘team name’ not for differences in basic ideology.

The Polls:

USA Today/Pew Poll: More Americans than ever, don’t want Obamacare

Rasmussen Reports: The majority of Americans favor a government shutdown to funding Obamacare.

Rasmussen, ABC/Washington Post, CNN/Opinion Research, Fox News, NBC/WSJ, and USA Today/Pew Research Polls: ALL show the majority of Americans DO NOT WANT Obamacare.