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Congressman Marlin Stutzman doesn’t sound too keen on taking military action against Syria

from Marlin Stutzman’s facebook Page

“I am deeply skeptical of American military involvement in Syria. After ignoring his own ‘red line’ in recent days, President Obama again outlined no clear strategy or objective today should we take military action.

“The American people deserve to have their voices heard regarding whether the United States takes military action in this volatile region and I look forward to hearing the thoughts of Hoosiers as well as the analysis of our intelligence community, and the strategy of this Administration in the coming days.”

To contact U.S. Congressional Representative Marlin Stutzman:
Washington: (202) 225-4436
Winona Lake Distict: (574) 269-1940
Ft. Wayne District:(260) 424-3041
Marlin Stutzman’s Facebook Page: CLICK HERE to leave a message for Marlin on his facebook page
Tweet: @RepStutzman

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Update on the Situation in Syria

from Jackie Walorski’s Newsletter

“President Obama announced that he would seek a congressional vote to authorize military action in Syria. I respect this decision, because the American people deserve the opportunity to have their voices heard in Congress regarding this difficult situation.

“I urge Congress to return to Washington immediately so that President Obama can make the case to lawmakers and the American people as to how military action could fulfill a comprehensive strategy to protect our national interests and shield our allies.

“The president’s red line was already crossed, yet it still remains unclear how his recent consideration for a ‘limited, narrow act’ will deter the Assad regime, and I look forward to hearing the Administration’s specific plan.

“When the House reconvenes, I look forward to participating in a robust debate with my colleagues before any final decisions are made.”

To contact U.S. Congress Representative Jackie Walorski:
Washington Office:(202) 225-3915
Mishawaka District Office:(574) 204-2645
Rochester District Office: (574) 780-1330
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Jackie’s Facebook Page: Leave Jackie a message on her facebook page by clicking HERE
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Senator Dan Coats talks to 21 Alive in Fort Wayne

“Indiana Senator Dan Coats told Fort Wayne television station, 21 Alive that he’s working to gain more information to make sure if aid, or weapons are provided that they won’t be used against America.

“Still the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria is something that’s alarming to Senator Coats, and makes him think the U.S. should do something to stop that from happening.

“The Senator says he isn’t against intervening if it will be beneficial to Syria, but he’s concerned about starting another war in the middle east.”

To contact Senator Dan Coats (It is my personal opinion, that Senator Coats is confused and needs to hear from more people to get past his indecision):
Washington:(202) 224-5623
Fort Wayne District Office:(260) 426-3151
Indianapolis District Office: (317) 554-0750
Dan Coats’ Facebook Page: Leave Dan a facebook message by CLICKING HERE
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Sen. Joe Donnelly Says U.S. Should Take Action in Syria

U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly visited Evansville’s AmeriQual plant and Eyewitness News got his thoughts about Syria. Donnelly tells us he believes the U.S. should take action there. But stops short of saying what.

“What we see in Syria is a very, very dangerous situation,” said Donnelly, “that we’re trying to go make sure doesn’t spread, number one, anywhere else- and, number two, that within Syria, can be controlled and can be turned into a better situation.  And the reason why is the expansion of what is going on in Syria can set the entire Middle East in flames.”

Senator Donnelly says he has faith the U.S. is using what he calls a measured, common sense approach to deciding what action should be taken. Donnelly was visiting AmeriQual as part of his “Serving Those who Serve” defense jobs tour.

To contact Senator Joe Donnelly (Senator Donnelly isn’t the least bit confused but I think he is wrong. If you also think Senator Donnelly is wrong and don’t want the U.S. getting into the Syrian conflict, Senator Donnelly REALLY, REALLY, REALLY needs to hear from you.)
Washington:(202) 224-4814
Indianapolis Office:(317) 226-5555
South Bend District: (574) 288-2780
Evansville District: (812)-425-5862
Hammond District: (219) 852-0089
Senator Joe Donnelly’s facebook: CLICK HERE to leave a message on Joe Donnelly’s facebook page
Tweet Joe Donnelly: @SenDonnelly

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NOTE: As far as Indiana constituents are concerned, according to Facebook, twitter, newspaper comment sections and political forums, ALL are opposed, VERY OPPOSED, to intervention in Syria. WILL OUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES LISTEN OR CARE?

They better.

Justin Amash, U.S. Congressional Representative from Michigan says it all with less than 140 characters.


CLICK HERE, HERE and HERE to see where your lawmakers are standing on military intervention in Syria.