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Never before in recorded history has humankind faced a crisis like the one which lies directly in our path.

The American people are more frustrated and more angry than at any other time in modern history. This upcoming election is only going to cause Americans to become even more angry and even more divided.

An unstoppable cataclysmic fiscal event is rapidly approaching.

Make no mistake about it, those holding positions at the highest levels of government are well aware that a monster is coming our way-but there is a paradox.

Although this single event is going to leave the vast majority who survive desperate and destitute, never before has there been a greater opportunity for those with little or no net worth to become massively wealthy.

It is at times like this where fortunes (and lives) are lost, and also made.

Unfortunately, the American public is never told to prepare because authorities never want “to panic” the general population.

We are always the last to know, and that stinks.

So don’t wait for someone to come on the television and announce that a crisis is happening.

If you wait that long, it will be too late.

Instead, open up your eyes and think for yourself.

We all need to work hard to get prepared for the coming crisis while we still can.

As you can see, Wall Street insiders, the U.S. government and the central banks of the world are busy getting prepared.

Don’t put your head in the sand.

The warning signs are there and time is running out.