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Last Saturday we made 10,000 calls from Elkhart‘s Republican Victory Center, which was the 3rd most calls of ANY GOP Victory Center in the nation. We can beat that! Let’s be in 1st place this Saturday!

On the last Super Saturday our Republican Victory Center made the 3rd most calls in the nation. But we don’t have to stop there. THIS SUPER SATURDAY–LET’S PUT ELKHART COUNTY IN THE FIRST PLACE!

If you can sign up for a shift on the phones contact Ben Parsons at (574) 612-8735 or bparson@indgop.org.

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

9 AM to 12 PM
12 PM to 3 PM
3 PM to 6 PM
6 PM to 9 PM

I’ve made calls from the center and am planning on being there most of Saturday night. I promise the time goes fast, the phones are easy to use, the people you will meet at the Victory Center are all friendly and helpful. The Tea-Mac party and the KSNM (Kosciusko Silent No More) will be there. We are not only going to set new records, we’ll have a great time too. See you Saturday night!

Help Jackie Walorski, Mike Pence and Richard Murdock this Saturday at the Republican Elkhart County Victory Center, 1620 South Nappanee, Elkhart, Indiana.