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Why I took Potassium Iodide Pills for a week…

Potasium Iodide pills may help prevent illnesses associated with radioactive iodine should a nuclear accident should occur.

JUNE 7, 2012: Dangerously high radiation levels reported in Indiana

June 7, 2012, live records for a radiation monitoring station in St. Joseph County showed radiation levels as high as 7,139 counts per minute (CPM) for an area including parts of Michigan and most of Northern Indiana. At 1:55 a.m., Eastern time, the radiation level was at 2,558 CPM. The level varied between 2,000 CPM and 7,000 CPM for several hours. Normal radiation levels are between 5 and 60 CPM, and any readings above 100 CPM are considered unusual and trigger an alert, according to information listed on the jmlmh Radiation Network website. The online geiger counter monitoring network operated by Black Cat Systems also reported unusually high radiation levels in the same region.

Eyewitnesses reports from people with radiation readers who lived near the elevated radiation zone near the border of Indiana and Michigan, where radiation levels hundreds of times higher than normal, were quickly removed from public viewing by ?. But, followers of radiation websites from all over the world took screenshots of the official websites.


Screen capture of reading of 7,034 from ‘Radiation Network’ website. Normal readings are between 5 and 60 CPM.

Screen capture from the Fort Wayne EPA website (RadiationNetwork.com) shows the same area in red (danger) zone.

Black Cat radiation website gets a reading of over 3500 for the same area. http://www.blackcatsystems.com/RadMap/map.html

JUNE 8, Channel 16, WNDU REPORT: Website mistakenly reported high radiation levels in South Bend

Some South Bend residents were alarmed earlier this week after a website mistakenly reported readings that indicated radiation levels were at a catastrophic level in the city. (IT WASN’T ONE WEBSITE, IT WAS AT LEAST 3 OFFICIAL WEBSITES PLUS SEVERAL INDIVIDUALS WITH RADIATION READERS. GOOGLE Indiana/Michigan nuclear cover-up, June 2012 for a slew of twitter, facebook and website reports on the subject. BUT, channel 16, at least, is mainstream media that DID acknowledge that there WERE extreme radiation readings from an OFFICIAL SITE. )

JUNE 13, 2012, REUTERS: UPDATE 2-Entergy Michigan reactor shut after leak

Reuters provides short bit of information about shutdown HERE.  (Hmmm…a nuclear plant with air direction patterns going right over WHERE weather and radiation sites report radiation readings thousands of times above a normal reading.)

JUNE 25, 2012: Massachusetts congressman raises concerns over Palisades nuclear power plant’s most recent shutdown

Fritz Klug | fklug@mlive.com By Fritz Klug | fklug@mlive.comThe Kalamazoo Gazette

KALAMAZOO, MI — A Massachusetts congressman has sent a letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission requesting more information on a leaking cooling tank that caused Palisades nuclear power plant to shut down earlier this month.

Congressman Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., said he is concerned about the plant because, according to NRC documents, the leak was first noticed in 2011 and nothing was done to fix it. Read Markey’s letter here. Read Markey’s full letter here.

The plant closed on June 12 after more boric water began leaking out of a safety injection water tank than the company allowed. Crews are still fixing the leaks, an Entergy spokesman said on Friday. The tank is leaking in multiple locations

More from the Kalmazoo Gazette article HERE

June 20, 2012, Michigan reminds people near Palisades about pills

COVERT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Michigan health officials are reminding people who live, work or visit within 10 miles of Palisades nuclear plant in southwestern Michigan to have potassium iodide pills on hand.

The Michigan Department of Community Health makes the pills available for free to people near the plant and the state’s other nuclear power plants.

The pills may help prevent illnesses associated with radioactive iodine if an accident were to occur. MLive.com reports (http://bit.ly/NJaqjg ). The department issued the reminder this week. More HERE. Potasium Iodine pills right after the site gets shut down due to a leak…>

July 13, Palisades Nuclear plant returned to service

The Palisades nuclear power plant in southwestern Michigan returned to service Wednesday after a monthlong shutdown to fix a leaky water tank.

EPA Fort Wayne Radiation Net Chart for this summer showing multiple spikes.

AUGUST 12, 2012, Palisades Nuclear Plant Shut Down AGAIN. NRC Sends Additional Inspector to Plant.

Covert Township — The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has sent an  additional inspector to the Palisades nuclear plant in southwestern Michigan  following word of a  cooling water leak.

The Kalamazoo Gazette and WOOD-TV report that’s in addition to two at the  plant in Covert Township.

From The Detroit News: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120815/METRO/208150369#ixzz24hwddDNs

NRC Commissioner William Ostendorff calls on NRC Inspector General to HALT her investigation into Palisades Cover-up

At the chronically leaking Palisade’s nuclear reactor located on the shores of Lake Michigan in southwest Michigan, the NRC’s investigator general is conducting an investigation into why recently resigned NRC chairman Gregory Jaczko was kept in the dark, along with the public, about a leak of Safety Injection Refueling Water from a storage tank into buckets in the control room when he was on a visit to the facility before meeting with nuclear watchdogs and environmentalists back in May of this year. This investigation was called for by congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts after it was revealed that ongoing safety issues were covered-up by the Entergy owned Palisades even while a tour of the plant was in act.  Palisades has a terrible record of leaks, mishaps and accidents, some of which were outlined in this 2010 report “Headaches at Palisades: Broken Seals & Failed Heals,” by the Union of Concerned Scientist’s David Lochbaum.  Most recently on the 12th of August Palisades was shut down for a leak of radioactive and acidic primary coolant, escaping from safety-critical control rod drive mechanisms attached to its degraded lid, atop what is considered by the NRC itself to be most embrittled reactor pressure vessel in the U.S..

Palisades’ operator Entergy is also in the habit of periodically releasing radioactive steam into the area due to reoccurring electrical accidents most recently in September of 2011.  This steam may be a contributing factor to the fact that the area around South Haven is considered a cancer cluster by medical researchers from the state of Michigan Health department.

Jaczko was the subject of what Senator Reid of Nevada called a witch hunt by politically motivated commissioners angered at the fact that Jaczko had helped to mothball the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and resigned in June.  A December 2011 article by Andrew Cockburn, provides an overview of the politically motivated actions at an NRC that has clearly distinguished itself to be nothing more than a regulatory agency under complete control by an industry always willing to put profit margins above any considerations of health, public safety of property values.  As Kevin Kamps was quoted as saying in this article in regards to Jaczko “He’s not ‘our guy’ by any means, he has voted to re-license plants that should probably be shut down, but he does care about safety, in ways that the others do not.”  It was also well put by CounterPunch contributor Karl Grossman, when he said “Jaczko was insufficiently pro nuclear.”

One of the NRC commissioners responsible forcing out Jaczko was Commissioner William Ostendorff.  Ostendorff reportedly threw a temper tantrum at the NRC calling on the NRC’s Investigator General to halt her investigation into the cover-up at Palisades calling it a waste of taxpayer dollars. Now Ostebdorff finds himself under investigation for impeding an investigation. Ostendorff is an explicit representation of how the NRC operates as a captured agency through orchestrated industry deception.

The story of the NRC and nuclear regulation in the United States is one of corruption and collusion at the whim of industry dictates. Read more about nuclear industry corruption HERE

An Op-Ed from the nuclear plant’s neighbor…

Palisades nuclear plant is no better than an old steam boiler

Op-Ed  Danielle Favorite By Danielle FavoriteThe Kalamazoo Gazette

Another leak reported at Palisades nuclear plant on Aug. 13 in the Kalamazoo Gazette. What a surprise! It’s been leaking like the old steam boiler it is for years. Why do you think Consumers Energy sold it?

In the meantime, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency does what it has always done. It frowns deeply and grumbles that it is doing the right thing by noting this leak and all the other problems and goes home until the next time. Nothing changes. They did the same thing after Three Mile Island nearly poisoned all of Pennsylvania, why would it be different here?

Let’s be honest. Money talks and who cares about the consequences.

This nuke is poised on the edge of most of the clean fresh water left on Earth. It is ready to fail catastrophically. It will not lose its license.

This is insanity


REAL TIME EPA RAD NET RADIATION MONITORING CHARTS FOR EVERY MAJOR UNITED STATES CITY http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2011/04/12/realtime-epa-radnet-japan-nuclear-radiation-monitoring-every-us-city-single-page-16511/>HERE