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If this video doesn’t wake you up, NOTHING will.

Right Reason

Please share this video with your family and friends before the November elections. The government, and by that I mean Democrats AND Republicans, are spending us into oblivion. The Democrats are vilifying the Republicans – but neither has made an effort to rein in spending. We pay more in taxes than food, shelter and clothing combined. Congress is borrowing money just to pay the interest! You the taxpayers are signing the note! Don’t accept that the 1% need to pay their “fair share”. We have a spending problem, not a revenue (tax) problem. There is not enough money ON THE PLANET to pay for all of this!

Our President, and his handlers behind him, will not be satisfied until every last penny you earn will be used for basic needs – food, energy, shelter and clothing.  This is Agenda 21!  The President thinks “you have made enough money.” ” You…

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