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Do you think that the human microchip implants that are supposedly part of Obamacare are a rumor? Do you think it’s something just conspiracy nuts believe in?

SORRY! There are NO “conspiracies” here. It is all in the open.

Here’s a  video about human microchip implants even a liberal can’t refute. The sources cited are either from the government, or from the medical device’s own website.

All about RFID implants…

Technically, in the latest version of Obamacare, RFID Implantion has became a matter of “choice”, instead of the “forced mandate” it was in earlier versions. However, it would only take one major crisis for the government to step in and pass a law that forces anyone receiving government benefits of any kind to be implanted with an RFID chip in order to continue to receive those services.

Can’t happen? Heck, these days the government doesn’t even need to pass a law. The President can either mandate such an action through Executive Order (as he and his predecessors have done so many times before), or a government alphabet agency can simply instigate a new rule requiring it, such as the USDA’s recent call for exactly what is mentioned above – RFID tracking for those receiving food stamps.

Should life saving medicine for your wife or child become necessary, then you and your family had better have premium private insurance OR the chip, otherwise there will be no help coming to you.

As one of the big problems in health care has been the medical records situation, with so much of it still on paper, RFID chips have the potential to save lives. For patients who suffer from such ailments as diabetes and Alzheimer’s or who undergo complex treatments, like chemotherapy, the RFID chip could speed getting vital medical information to doctors and hospitals.

However, “Positive ID” (formerly Verichip) and several other chip manufacturers have more in mind than just your health. Those RFID chips are also a link to the insurance companies, to your credit history and to your bank accounts.

Like your driver’s licenses, this medical ID card will carry new bio-metric ID information about you as well, possibly your entire medical history on a micro-dot. As we know, technologies can be wonderful tools to help our lives. But the smart phone you love that connects you with your friends and family can be used as a bomb detonator. The RFID chip that connects every last one of us to the federal government under Obamacare also will grant the IRS immediate access to your bank accounts.

If you think this is crazy, consider that Medicare is already collecting data on your body mass index, your tobacco use, your vital signs, diagnoses, and medications. Insurance companies and pharmacies track which drugs doctors prescribe and whether his or her patient is compliant with refills. The benefit to society is unproven, but it’s the law. Your name, too, may be in a government database. A few Vicodin after a dental extraction and you’re on the list.

Here’s what having an RFID chip implanted into your hand looks like…