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Last week, Emily Sheets, a 16-year-old Nappanee 4-H member puts the needs of the hungry ahead of herself by donating one of her pigs to Church Community Services. An average pig can provide 400 meals.

Northwood FFA supporters bought Emily’s calf and one of her pigs at the 4-H auction. Auction rules limit 4-Hers to two animals, but allow members to sell additional livestock at market value.

Emily decided that she’d already made plenty of money and chose to help the hungry.

“I can use (money) for a vehicle or whatever I want to use it for, but they need food. I have all the food I need,” Emily told an Elkhart Truth reporter Friday.

CCS reports that it’s seeing 2,300 families a month, as well as home-bound seniors. The agency tries to provide each client with at least 2 pounds of meat, but federal government cut funding for food assistance programs and earlier this summer the pantry’s freezers sat empty.

Emily changed that Friday.

Thank you for your generosity, Emily. Because I am a mom, I know that mother is SOOOOO proud of you…

Overheard in Church Community Service hallway…

“We appreciate you so much. My husband works, but only makes minimum wage and I am unable to work. When I can bring home my sons favorite cereal, I love seeing his face light up with delight! I don’t tell him that I come here because I don’t want him to worry. Thank you for being here.” -Pantry client