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Mr. Bennett has a big choice. He either steps this monster back and lets the legislature and the people we elected to represent us to VOTE on adopting common core, or he faces an election issue and the wrath of Hoosier moms.

The TEA Party has caught on to this federal takeover of our education system and how quickly Indiana adopted these standards with most of us unaware. We are moms and dads who have children in the system and we refuse to let the state of Indiana hand them over to the Federal Government. We refuse to let them become public experiments.

I call on Tony Bennett to rescind the adoption of the Common Core standards and BRING BACK CONTROL TO OUR TEACHERS AND COMMUNITIES. If he does this, he has our full support.

Monica Boyer
Kosciusko Silent NO More

Hoosier moms reject the Federal takeover of our education system. We demand that our educations system be returned to the local level

Common Core now a federal education threat

Not everyone is happy with Common Core–even as a project of the states. It is being criticized as potentially very expensive and likely to impede achievement by creating a “race to the middle”. Many of the standards Indiana gave up, for example, are tougher than the ones in Common Core. A single set of standards, whether voluntarily adopted by states or arbitrarily imposed by the federal government, suffers from the effect of centralization, which stifles innovation and risks the “universal mistake” phenomenon.

Common Core no longer advertises its standards as “internationally bench marked.” It now claims only that they are “informed by” the standards of other countries. Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who served on the Common Core Validation Committee, has said the committee was never given any information “on the specific college readiness expectations of other leading nations in
mathematics or language and literature.”

Professors at Stanford, New York University, and the University of Pennsylvania agree that the Standards are not comparable to those of other high-achieving countries.

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