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Downtown New Paris

Did you know that New Paris is an unincorporated town with no taxes to fund expenses? It has been a voluntary system since 1922!

Fundraisers as well as individual and corporate donations keep the streetlights on. Without taxes, the town of New Paris uses “voluntarily given” funds to not only keep New Paris lights on, but also to:

• Purchase land for the New Paris Cemetery
• Continue to look to improve the business environment
• Purchase downtown banners, designed to promote local business
• Purchase/Maintain Christmas decorations
• Work with the Elkhart County Government to stripe streets and install
speed/school zone signs
• Hang Holiday banners and decorations
• Sponsor the New Paris Boy Scout Troop, which is one of the longest
standing chapter troops in Indiana
• Provides land and cabin for Boy Scout troop use
• Provide an annual scholarship to a Fairfield graduated who resides in
New Paris
• Contributes to the New Paris/Benton 4-H Boosters
• Long-standing representation on the Elkhart County 4-H Fair Board
• Organizes Annual Spring Clean Event and sponsors Memorial Day Services

New Paris Boy Scout Troop 12 saluting flag on Memorial Day. (Photo/Boy Scout Troop 12)

Cabin, donated to New Paris Boy Scout Troop by Town of New Paris. (Photo/New Paris Boy Scouts)

Highlights from last night’s 2nd Friday, New Paris Fundraising Event:

Some of the cars from the car show.

Raymond Wright, Scout Leader, with Boy Scout Troop 12 serving the Haystack dinner. The Scouts work at community events to earn money for Scouting trips and equipment.

Lots of enthusiasm for the corn hole tournament.

Big Daddy’s Blues Band was great! So much so that my husband wanted to dance. But, he’s a great dancer. If I wasn’t so really, really bad, I would have done it. The music was THAT good.