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You can participate in the grassroot’s movement to get our liberties back by calling YOUR SENATORS today:

Upon the advice of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Obama has confirmed his intention to sign two controversial U.N. treaties — the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and the so called Small Arms Treaty.

Although many citizens and elected representatives are sounding the alarm about the small arms treaty, twenty Republican senators are set to join with Democrats in upholding LOST and the Senate will have more than the required 67 votes to pass.

The 20 Republicans who are apparently set to uphold the treaty are Enzi, McConnell, Hutchison, Toomey, Johanns, Ayotte, Graham, McCain, Lugar, Kirk, Snowe, Collins, Murkowski, Isakson, Grassley, Portman, Corker, Cochran, Brown, and Alexander. Find their phone numbers and contact information HERE.

In a breaking update, 2 of the 20 Republican senators,  McConnell and Toomey, have now indicated they will oppose the Law of the Sea Treaty. One political activist stated that it is important for citizens to call the offices of all 20 to make sure those Senators are on the record with their intent to vote against the treaty.

The small arms treaty, on the other hand, is facing a much more difficult task in gaining the approval of the Senate. Although it is possible to muster 67 votes to approve,  many Democrats are facing reelection in states where gun rights are important. Although Democrats now have a 53 seat majority. Wayne LaPierre, the CEO of the National Rifle Association’s powerful lobby group, said 58 senators have pledged to oppose the treaty if it covers civilian weapons, fearing an infringement of America’s gun rights.

“I am here to announce NRA’s strong opposition to anti-freedom policies that disregard American citizens’ right to self-defense. No foreign influence has jurisdiction over the freedoms our Founding Fathers guaranteed to us,” LaPierre said at the UN Arms Trade Treaty Conference in New York.

“The only way to address NRA’s objections is to simply and completely remove civilian firearms from the scope of the treaty. That is the only solution. On that, there will be no compromise.”

The UN will be negotiating the Small Arms Treaty throughout the month of July.