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Obama signs executive order. (Photo: Wikipedia)

This is not “conspiracy theory“. This is law of the land.


After reviewing this order, one is forced to wonder whether the actual function of this order is to assure continuity of communications during an actual emergency, or if this order is designed to expand the control of all communications by implementing measures that redefine crises and emergencies. In the context of the most recent orders implemented by the stroke of his pen, it would appear that Obama is more concerned with command and control than ensuring continuity of communications during times of actual national emergencies.

When viewed in the broader context of the NDAA, supported legislation such as SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA, and his infamous National Defense Resource Preparedness order of March 16, 2012, a discernible pattern of complete control and takeover of all aspects of our infrastructure is emerging.

In this context, it is becoming quite clear that Obama is obsessed with absolute control. Now he’ll have the ability to tell you about it on your cell phone, the internet, radio and television at his whim.