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I will never forget the day at IU when I got a phone call from my friend, Pete.  I answered like any other normal night and all I heard was: “Corey has cancer.”  Anyone who gets that phone call knows  there are feelings of disbelief, questions about survival, and feelings of helplessness.  Unknowingly, that situation had a big impact on my journey to become an alternative healthcare practitioner. When I started thinking about all my friends and their families, I was having trouble thinking of any that DIDN’T have a member with a potentially fatal disease.  How could that be?  Was it JUST Elkhart?  I quickly found that Elkhart does have higher rates of cancer, but this was something impacting America as a whole.  I speak out in a passionate, yet controversial way, when it comes to genetic expression, so I’ll stay off my soapbox for a moment in order…

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